Store Execution

Drive customer loyalty and increase profits with efficient and effective store operation capabilities

Your customers’ needs – and expectations – are evolving; does your organization have the tools it needs to deliver? Discover how Luminate Store Execution can help you optimize daily operations, from inventory and pricing to foodservice and the forecourt. This innovative solution offers a mobile-first design to empower your people, allowing them to spend less time on logistics and more time serving customers and delivering on your brand promise.


With Store Execution, you can achieve up to:


Waste Reduction


Inventory Investment Reduction


In increased Sales

Store Execution

Mobilize your workforce  to improve customer engagement, optimize replenishment and improve order efficiency. 

Optimize inventory orders to reduce out-of-stocks and clearance items, maximizing revenue.

Review enterprise-wide retail prices from as well as update and manage retail prices in the store to reflect local needs.

Plan and track the preparation steps for recipe items.

Keep track of all the items that affect the accuracy of inventory and minimize their impact on your bottom line.

Fulfill your Store Execution Potential with Blue Yonder

Automated, optimized inventory

Intelligently manage inventory in store for improved accuracy, more precise demand forecasting and leaner inventory levels.

Optimized ordering recommendations

Make intelligent ordering decisions that reflect customer preferences, demand and regional vendor products

Reduced waste

Generate automated orders by store, product and day to reduce out-of-stocks and waste with AI forecasts.

Automated, optimized inventory

Intelligently manage inventory in store for improved accuracy, more precise demand forecasting and leaner inventory levels.

Improved value chain visibility 

Gain greater visibility into  inventory lifecycle and customer demand with comprehensive forecasting, ordering and replenishment capabilities.

In-store pricing execution

Review new retail prices from headquarters and update and manage retail prices in the store to reflect local needs.

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