Supply Chain Ecosystem

Access a rich, collaborative network of partners and their internal developers to co-create, delivering differentiation and faster time-to-value for your business.

Customer Benefits


Enable ideas and data to be accessible across multiple parties for optimal engagement and solution design.

Data Management

Leverage real-time, internal and external sources of data for the most complete picture of your supply chain environment.


Get access to a rich forum of solutions and subject matter expertise to deliver value to customers.

Featured Capabilities

Partner Ecosystem

The rise of digital platforms enables not only greater collaboration within the business, but with the extended network. Enabling agility and flexibility is more than technology, it’s partnership. Gain access to our best-in-class network that delivers exceptional results with applications, integrations and solutions from our partners.
  • Network to elevate your total customer experience and deliver exceptional results.

Developer Ecosystem

As you invest in applications to be more flexible, agile and resilient you will want to engage the builders in your enterprise — your developers — to help solve the tough problems. When you build on top of Luminate Platform, you have access to industry best practices and reliable ROI to help future-proof your organization.
  • Configurable user experience and dashboards
  • Workflow and orchestration
  • No code mobile studio
  • Integration framework

Unlock insights with the Internet of Things (IoT)

Data is everywhere we turn. From social media, news, events, and the weather, how can you turn this real-time information into insights that empower your teams as they make decisions across the supply chain? Luminate Platform enables you to harness the power of IoT so your supply chain can be more intelligent, more connected in an increasingly demanding world.