Production Planning

Develop optimized production planning and scheduling for single or multiple plants

With shrinking product lifecycles, demand fluctuations and more granular customer segmentation, organizations like yours depend on intelligent decision support for their essential production planning and scheduling functions. Discover how to better balance demand with material, capacity and due-date constraints so you can efficiently align your production control, manufacturing, and procurement planning. Because with the right solutions, you’ll be able to out maneuver the competition and keep your customers happy – all at the right cost.


With Blue Yonder, you can achieve up to:


Reduced Changeover Time


Reduced Production Scheduling


Reduced Inventory

Production Planning

Rapidly re-sequence customer orders and seamlessly adapt to changes in the supply chain.

Coordinate schedules across facilities, reduce inventory and work-in-process, and minimize equipment changeovers.

Meet customer commitments while balancing schedules that respect different option capacities, material constraints and workload distributions.

Discrete manufacturers can create constraint-based order buckets for the mid-term production planning horizon with the smart Order Slotting and Scheduling solution from flexis, now part of Blue Yonder.

Companies with discrete manufacturing processes can build optimized production sequences in the short-term planning horizon for multiple plants and production lines with the proven Order Sequencing solution from flexis, now part of Blue Yonder.

Fulfill Your Production Potential with Blue Yonder

Improved customer fill rates

Gain visibility into material and capacity issues sooner and easily integrate with MES systems to improve order fulfillment.

Optimized upstream and downstream productivity

Coordinate schedules among various facilities, reduce inventory and work-in-process while minimizing equipment changeovers.

Faster response time

Modify rules, assess different scenarios and respond in real-time to any changes on the shop floor.

Improved asset efficiency

Improve asset utilization and productivity with advanced simulation capabilities to test the results of what-if scenarios before implementing a plan.

Faster response

Re-sequence customer orders within minutes to continuously adapt to changes in the supply chain.

Reduced costs

Reduce operating costs with the ability to factor in complex constraints and faster response times to changing demand and supply conditions.

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