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Boosting the Retail Experience in 2021

Learn about the indelible mark on retail that has been left by the COVID-19 pandemic. We look at the pressures applied to retail execution, bought on by new consumer behaviours such as the pivot from shopping in stores to shopping online when nonessential stores closed and health departments urged caution.

Supply Chain Technology is Having its Industry 4.0 Moment

The traditional lines between manufacturers, distributors and customers had already begun to blur with the advent of new business models such as direct-to-consumer shipping and same-day delivery. Adding to these blurred lines are cognitive technologies automating how systems of engagement analyze data to provide recommendations.

Optimizing the Supply Chain by Optimizing the Warehouse

Learn how investing in warehouse automation solutions like Blue Yonder Robotics Hub and Luminate Platform will help enterprises remain at the top of the game in a market driven by consumer demand for rapid fulfillment.

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